Port Shepstone Precast is the best local supplier of precast wall cladding products

Port Shepstone Precast is a top manufacturer and supplier of concrete palisades and precast walling in KZN.

A necessity for security and privacy

Port Shepstone Precast’s line of precast concrete fencing and concrete wall systems are used as perimeter walls, sound barriers, screening walls, equestrian fencing and as an attractive security solution. Our products are repeatedly specified by architects and engineers for a variety of projects from large and small residential and commercial developers, to utility sites, city and state government agencies, parks and recreational facilities, community associations and individual homeowners. Our concrete precast slabs are manufactured to the most stringent specifications with emphasis on strength, uniformity and strict quality control.

Cost-effective fencing that maintains its integrity for many years.

Our product range is of great quality, most durable and only made with the highest quality of materials when it comes to manufacturing our concrete slabs and poles. Our expert staff members do multiple amounts of quality checks to ensure we produce a SUPERIOR quality of concrete slabs and poles above the rest.

You will find Port Shepstone Precast Palisade fences next to national roads, around schools, sport stadiums, factories, suburbs and many other facilities such as pumping stations, reservoirs, and traction yards to name a few.


Port Shepstone Precast is the best local supplier of precast palisades fencing